Project Planning

Market Studies – CCA has assisted clients that wish to enter a new geographic os vertical market, understanding the market requirements, and/or evaluating products for market suitability.

Concept Design – CCA has assisted their clients developing User Requirement Specifications (URS) and Basis of Design (BOD) documents for pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device Manufacturers throughout the world. Our staff expertise understanding regulatory requirements for cGMP facilities is without equal.

Schematic Design Review – CCA will support owners, architects, and engineers, evaluating the schematic design and helping to fill in the unresolved details so accurate budgeting can be done from the early stages of a project life cycle.

Design Development Document Review – CCA will support owners, architects, and engineers, evaluating the design development documents and how they compare and contracts with the intent and assumptions made during schematic design and helping to keep the project on the budget developed during that phase .

Construction Document Review & SOW Development – CCA can support the construction process utilizing our experience helping construction managers assess the project and technical trade marketplace, then develop the cleanroom scope of work and division of responsibilities to best suite the particular project.

Product Selection Analysis – The CCA staff has extensive experience working with and incorporating the wall, ceiling, floor, and air handling products from the leading manufacturers in the cleanroom marketplace.

Cleanroom Scope & Bidder Instruction For Bid Package Supplements – CCA can provide technical support during the bidding process to fill scope holes or provide additional instructions to bidders, specific to the cleanroom and its requirements.

Budgeting – CCA’s archive of facility benchmark budget data for research and small scale production facilities in the microelectronics and cGMP market is without equal, having performed budget studies throughout the world, for these types of facilities.

Constructability Review – Utilizing our practical first hand construction knowledge, CCA has assisted our clients in scope division, potential conflicts, construction details, and economical design alternatives during the design process.

Facility Integration – Oftentimes, cleanrooms for research or facility expansion require integration with existing plant or central utilities or services. Cleanrooms have peak demands year round and challenge the design parameters and tolerances of central utilities on university campuses or multi-use buildings. The Cleanroom Construction Associates team has seen, addressed and compensated for these issues arising from facility integration in many instances.