Cleanroom Construction Associates has served as cleanroom consultants on projects worldwide. Our team has hands-on knowledge of both the design and detailed execution aspects of cleanroom construction. Our cleanroom consulting experience working with owners, construction managers, and designers has given us the expertise to walk you through the entire implementation, from concept and budgeting to ensuring that the finished product meets the necessary field and federal health, safety, and construction requirements.

Our tasks and expertise includes specification review, product specification, Request for Proposal and scope writing, protocol development, as well as training, scheduling, coordination, and prequalification of product suppliers and subcontractors.

Whether your project needs are for a new, state-of-the-art space or a retrofit job to bring your company into the 21st century, CCA will partner with you to achieve a quality product.

  • Evaluation of design programs
  • Facility integration
  • Budgeting
  • Constructability reviews
  • Construction administration
  • Specification review
  • Product specification
  • Request for Proposal and scope writing
  • Protocol development
  • Training, scheduling, coordination, and prequalification of product suppliers and subcontractors

If you are searching for cleanroom consulting put Cleanroom Construction Associates’ experience to work for you, Contact us today.