Loughran Resume

Loughran Resume

Tim Loughran, Principal


Since 2009 Tim has been a consultant participating in construction of cGMP facilities and research cleanrooms for some of the leading private manufacturers, and research  institutions worldwide, including Merck & Co., MIT, The Weismann Institute in Israel, Brookhaven National Laboratories (BNL), (The National Institute of Science and Technology (N.I.S.T.), The Iberian National Laboratory (INL), and, The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Tim has extensive experience in designing, constructing, and installing cGMP facilities and leading edge cleanrooms, process systems, and tools for Semiconductor Wafer Fabs, Nanotechnology, Biopharm, and Microelectronics; as well as, having participated in the design and construction of multidiscipline research facilities across multiple industries in the Automotive, Lithium Ion Battery, Food Processing, and eCigarette markets. In addition to construction services he has an extensive resume in process tool installation, cleanroom retrofit projects, and market studies for various cleanroom industry suppliers and service firms. Tim has served as the cleanroom lab planner and programmer; as well as having designed and/or constructed Nanotechnology cleanroom facilities for Purdue University’s Birck Nanotechnology Center, The US Navy’s Nanotechnology Research Facility at the Naval Research Laboratories in Washington DC (a Controlled Environment Magazine Facility of the Year finalist),  


More than 30 years designing and constructing cleanrooms for the Microelectronics, Semiconductor, Nanotechnology, and Biopharm industries. Tim was formerly the Managing Partner and Founder of AdvanceTEC, LLC, the Manager of Design/Build Services for Performance Contracting, Inc. and Division Manager for the Cleanroom Engineering Division of Cleanroom Products. He has published papers on numerous subjects including Clean Packaging Technology, Fan Filter Evaluation, Air Shower Performance, Retrofitting Cleanrooms while remaining in operation, and Design/Build Cleanroom Specification and Proposal Evaluation. He is a frequent contributor to Controlled Environments and Cleanrooms Magazines and former president of his local chapter of the IEST. Most notably Tim was on the faculty of The National Institute of Standard and Technology’s (N.I.S.T.) Building for Advanced Technology Workshop in 2003.

Cleanroom Construction Assoc. (CCA) Richmond, Virginia (2009-Present)

Principal – Responsible for Basis of Designs, Technical Evaluation, Project Management, Budgeting, Scheduling, and Construction of Cleanroom projects to comply with design specifications and applicable safety, design, and building codes.

AdvanceTEC, LLC Richmond, Virginia (2000-2009)

Founder/Managing Partner – Responsible for Project Management and Construction of Cleanroom projects and Process and Facilities Installation. Responsibilities include the development and implementation of micro-contamination and environmental concepts for design/build cleanrooms, including Class 1 and pharmaceutical facilities, to comply with design specifications and applicable building codes.

Performance Contracting, Inc., Richmond, Virginia (1995-2000)

Manager of Design/Build Services- Responsible for Technical Support of Group dedicated to Cleanroom Construction including development and implementation of micro-contamination and environmental concepts for design/build cleanrooms, including Class 1 and pharmaceutical facilities, to comply with design specifications and applicable building codes.

Cleanroom Engineering Div. of CRP Inc., Ronkonkoma, New York (1990-1995)

Division Manager – Managed all aspects of Operations of the design/build cleanroom group including sales, design, construction, purchasing, estimating, service, and administration

Liberty Industries Inc East Berlin, CT (1984-1990)

Modular Cleanroom Product Manager – Managed all aspects of Modular Cleanroom Product Line for a component manufacturer of materials for cleanroom construction,  including sales, design, construction, and  estimating.


  • Development of User Requirement Specifications (URS) Basis of Design (BOD) Documents for Cleanroom facilities
  • Generation of the design criteria
  • Contamination Control Analysis to determine the cleanroom requirements for the facility
  • Development of a Build Clean Protocol for the Cleanrooms
  • Design Reviews and Compliance Analysis
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Scope of Work Development
  • Schedule and Sequence of Construction Planning
  • Sourcing and qualification of HVAC System Equipment to allow for controlled competitive bidding of that equipment
  • Sourcing and qualification of Cleanroom construction materials to allow for controlled competitive bidding of those materials
  • Sourcing and qualification of qualified trade subcontractors to perform the most stringent construction tasks of the facility. This would include analysis of the capabilities of the local subcontractor network and potential development of joint ventures with national subcontractors to create the most cost effective delivery of the project while insuring technical experience and performance
  • Participation in the programming process to determine design features that can provide cost benefits separate from construction costs (i.e. schedule acceleration, accelerated depreciation, tax benefits, operational costs vs. capital costs etc.)
  • Budget development, value engineering, budget conscious design participation.
  • Participation in conceptual design meetings to provide experience and decision budget impact real time
  • Participation in design development and detailed design to incorporate constructability reviews, facility integration, and schedule impact allowing for the design to proceed to the furthest possible point prior to contractor bidding allowing for the most cost effective bid process
  • Development of a master commissioning plan and individual commissioning documents and protocols.
  • Site Construction QA/QC
  • Owner’s Representative
  • Market Analysis and Studies
  • Strategic Acquisitions
  • Contamination Control Audits
  • Expert Witness Consultation